Chekotin Jewellery
We pay great attention not only to the outward appearance, but also to the quality
of the jewellery we make, and that’s why we enjoy a good reputation among our clients.
When you acquire an article from us, you can be sure that it will last for many years,
and will always look as perfect as it did on the day you bought it.
of jewellery pieces

The process of manufacture of a jewellery is going with
the strict observance of all quality standards at every stage
of its manufacture.

All Chekotin Jewellery pieces are being approved
by the State Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation
which is confirmed by a special stamp.
Each jewellery is also supplied with a certificate.


The Chekotin Jewellery Company gives a life-long guarantee
for all the materials used in the
manufacture of its jewellery creations.

The warranty for all jewelry pieces
is valid for 5 years.

Within that period we offer free servicing:
cleaning and polishing of jewellery, as well as restoration
of the plating and strengthening of the movable elements.
We recommend that the servicing should be made once a year.

All the services, offered by the specialists of the Chekotin Jewellery Company,
will help your jewellery look irresistible at all times!

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