Exclusive jewellery creations
How does a jewellery dream get shaped? It is our common work with the customer.
We do everything to express his or her dream or the sense of the beautiful in the unique jewel —
and each time it’s magic.
The creation of
a custom-made jewellery
Step 1
The discussion about the future jewellery and the selection of materials

At Step 1 we make certain about the basic wishes of a client — what particular jewellery we’re going to create, in what style, what a person wearing it will feel and what the people looking at it will feel...

At the same time we scrupulously select the stones — more often than not they play the central role in the jewellery to be created. That’s why each stone in the Chekotin Jewellery articles is of highest quality.

Step 2
Working on the sketch

Drawing a sketch is the most creative and exciting part of the whole process of work. The client can see the image of the future jewellery, and we get a kind of “technical task” that will define the slightest nuances of the subsequent steps of the article’s manufacture.

Step 3
Manufacture and stamping

Each of our articles is handmade — this not only guarantees the highest quality, but also invests our jewellery with a soul, making them “alive”.

All our pieces pass the test of Assay Inspection. And each piece is branded with the symbol “Chekotin Jewellery”  — a light, weightless feather, as a symbol of the flight of jewellery ideas and the common creative work of a client and a master.

Step 4
The ready-made jewellery

All articles pass the strictest control of quality, and afterwards each is awarded an individual certificate. When you get a Chekotin Jewellery piece in a stylish wooden case, you will see a dream come true – a beautiful, elegant, precious thing, and only yours.

Here you can see the result of our common
creative work with a client.
Every time, we go not from the stones and metal, but from the mood and predilections of
a particular person. That’s how our brilliant, unique, and really exclusive jewellery pieces
are being born. We are proud of them.
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