The rules
of life and
creative work
of Chekotin Jewellery
We are interested in individuals and the possibility of creating custom-made jewellery.
That’s what makes our work so exciting.
Alexander Chekotin
I visualize our client. A woman, a purposeful, an educated one, somewhat a workaholic.
But she also wants to, and can be a loving one, she’s not afraid of dreaming,
she listens and, what’s most important, she listens to herself.
The most pleasing part of work for me is time and again to witness how the jewellery
made by us are so concordant with what the client wanted and dreamed of.
Believe me, it’s an indescribable pleasure.
I think that jewellery should never go to mass production.
Each piece of jewellery should be created with the love and diligence
of the person who is concentrated on what he or she is doing.
I think that every family must have a family treasure
something that you can pass on from generation to generation, and what,
with time, will get its own history.
When a jewellery piece is made with the heart, with a painstaking attention
to the finest nuances of the client’s predilection, it “comes alive” and it can even
teach you to become bolder in your dreams. I see it every day.
Maria Chekotina
I’ve always known that one way or another I’ll be involved in art.
It was inherited — my grandfather was an artist. At first I didn’t know
in what handicraft I could express myself — I was attracted to the museums,
archeology, the secrets of restoration and the restoring of lost artifacts... It turned out
that all this is best united in the creation of jewellery.
Nature is my helpmate, to put it succinctly. Away from the city,
I can express myself as a designer. My inspiration, as a matter of fact,
is the life full of travel, an opportunity to paint en plein air,
by the seaside.
I want to wear each jewellery piece I design.
I think that’s what fills them with the soul.
My secret of the ideal “hit” at the customer’s expectations
is to spend as much time on the design as it takes.
You can’t get good sketches and ideas in a hurry.
What am I doing every day? I’m putting my emotion into a drawing.
It works when you go not from metal and stones, but from
the character and mood of the client.
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