New jewellery
Chekotin Jewellery collection
is a bewitching combination of our personal
of the beauty of the surrounding world,
of the art masterpieces and the emotions we want to share
Additions to the collections
“Four Elements”, “Viennese Ball”, “Garden of eden” and “A secret”
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We are proud of the jewellery
we have created
About us
We are
Alexander and Maria Chekotin,
and we are the trademark of
Chekotin Jewellery
More about us
I want to wear each jewellery I designed.
I think they are filled with my soul.
Maria Chekotina
I think that jewellery should never go to mass
production. Each jewellery piece must be created
with the love and diligence of a person
who is concentrated on what he or she is doing.
Alexander Chekotin
Custom-made jewellery
We are interested in individualities
and the possibility of creating custom-made jewellery —
that’s what makes our work so exciting
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